Friday, February 27, 2009

Duck Hunting!!!

The Ducks are clueless; obviously they never heard the expression, "don't poke the bear". In a game similar to the Dallas game early in the season The Bruins were playing a much over matched opponent who thought that they could rough up The Bruins to get them off their game: WRONG!
The Bruins are perhaps the league's toughest team and the rougher the game is the better they play. The Bruins destroyed The Ducks (does anyone remember when these guys were good???) 6-0 last night.

Game highlights:

- Ryder with 2 goals and a helper and a threat all night.
- Cup-a-soup with 2 goals.
- Timmy with the shutout.
- Timmy with a great assist.
- Savard in kind of a fight (has great team heart).
- Thornton vs. Parros (would have liked more punches but still a true heavy weight match.
- P.J. and Krejci were flying all night (holy energy batman!).
- Savy and Looch both left the game in the 3rd with upper body soreness:(

3 stars as picked by me:

3: P.J. Axelsson - was flying and making things happen all night (great penalty kills).

2: Timmy - shutout on 35 shots and a beauty of an assist.

1: Michael Ryder: 2 goals and an assist. Bruins 2 and 0 since his return (he has 5 points in these 2 games!!!)

***Extra game note: I love Looch but he has to stop hitting people in a fight after they are down!
If he is going to fight, which he will, he is going to have to learn to abide by the unwritten rules. He continued to pummel Brown last night after the fight hit the ice. He did the same thing to Matthew Spiller last season in a fight. He has to stop this! This is what makes fighting look bad and gives the bozos trying to get fighting out of game something to look at.
I love Looch and want him to fight but when it is over he has to stop!

The Bruins next play Washington in a Saturday afternoon contest. My prediction is Boston 5 - Washington 1.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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