Sunday, January 25, 2009

Savy, Big Z, Timmah and Smoked Meat

Well I watched the All-Star Game for some odd reason, and I actually wasn't disappointed! I know it might be shocking to hear but I actually enjoyed watching the game. I caught the skills competition on and both Timmah and Chara did great. Timmah was by far the best goalie in the Elimination Shoot-out and Savard finished second:

and Chara set the record for the Hardest Shot:
In the Young Guns game Bruins rookie Blake Wheeler lit up with 3 goals and 2 assists on his way to a Freshmen win and MVP of the game! All these great Bruins achievements and we haven't talked about the big game itself.

had a monster game and threw pass after pass at his talented linemates. Making them look effortless, the passes were quick and crisp as he got 3 assists in total and many great missed chances as well. Chara had a mediocre game making a few good blocks and 2 giveaways that lead to break away goals. More than anything he looked kind of bored (nothing unusual in a game like this). The best Bruins highlights came in the 3rd period as the great Timmah Thomas entered the game. Timmah let in 2 quick ones before even getting warmed up but settled down and let only one late one in. With the game tied they went to overtime where Timmah and the East had to kill of the games only penalty. Scoreless it went to a shootout where Timmah shut the West down. Timmah kept all his best saves for the overtime and shootout where he made the most saves (19 of 22) of all the goaltenders and got the win to boot!

Really nice story on on Timmah as well. Enjoy!

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Blogger Bruins Buff said...

Bruins represented well at this year's All-Star game. Versus seemed to give them a lot more credit than they usually do. But I guess that's what happens when you're #1.

Cool blog, btw. Really liked the videos you provided. Feel free to check out my B's blog sometime too!

3:45 p.m., January 27, 2009  

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