Sunday, March 09, 2008

Heartbreaker At MSG!

The Bruins played great shutdown hockey this afternoon (without the services of Chara who sat out with a sore pinky). However, they were unable to find the net themselves in this game. The game was scoreless after 65 minutes of play and had to be settled in a penalty shot competition (I still hate shootouts weather we win or lose). The lone scorer in the shootout was Nigel Dawes of The Rangers giving them the extra point and putting them one point ahead of The Bruins for the coveted sixth spot in the East.

This was a big extra point for The Rangers because it did move them into to 6th place and a chance to play The 3rd seed in the playoffs. The 3rd seed will be the winner of the very weak South East division (looks more and more like it will be Carolina) and whoever finishes 6th in the conference will have an easy 1st round in comparison to the rest of the conference (nothing is a given but this would be a good senerio to be in). The Bruins now have to regroup and get some much needed points to overtake The Rangers again to gain that 6th seed.

Todays 3 stars as picked by me:

1. Auld - 35 save today!!
2. Lundqvist - 29 saves for the win.
3. Dawes - game winner in penalty shot competition.

The Bruins play their next game in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Go Bruins Go!!!


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