Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bruins rookies

E (the wife) and I arrived late but took in the Babiest Bruins game today. The rooks beat the NJ rookies 5-1. The kids in B spoked dominated play from the half I saw. Highlights for me were off the ice as I was able to tell Don Sweeney thank you for all his hard work through the years. I also quickly introduced myself to Bish the beat writer. I kept it quick with the Bish as he needed to do the real from game updating to the internets. I will probably post on this more later including pics, but have little time now, so check back later.

By the way, thats not me in the Bish pic, I think that was some other guy like me who wanted to say Hi and bug the Bish while Bruins nation was waiting for an update at

Ok as promised here are some more photos from the rookie game on Sunday:

this is young netminder, Courchaine.

and Lucic baring down to make a check.............

There was some unknow "suit" watching from its perch. I think this is a Jersey suit as most of the Bruins guys were down near the snack area and I did not notice any guys I pegged as Jersey guys in the public areas.

Another of Bish, a friendly guy, who seemed happy to talk hockey.



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