Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bruins win 5-1! Lead Series 2-0!!

Last night The Bruins handed The Habs their asses! I am not sure what happened in the 1st game to make the score so close (4-2) but the score last night more reflected the true difference in the caliber of these teams.

Game 2 hilites:

- Bruins win 5-1!
- Savard has 4 points. 2 goals and 2 assists.
- Rydermania is alive and well! A goal and a beautiful assist!
- Gorges tries to fight a guy who has missed a season and a half with 2 concussions and has never been in a NHL fight - Bergy easily drops him. HA HA HA HA!!!!!
- Kovalev refuses to pass to his team mates and tries to do it all himself (loser!)
- Laraque still hasn't learned how to skate (bigger loser!!)
- Lucic gets his stick high and will be looked at by the league (maybe a game suspension???)
- Thomas was good.
- Hnidy, who was in for Hunwick, scores a goal.

4 stars as picked by me (3 is not enough for this game):

4 - Axelsson - played great, did all the little things perfect.
3 - Bergy - same as Axe but also had a great fight.
2 - Ryder - Great goal and beautiful assist. Wha cha Gonna Do When Rydermania runs wild over you!!!!!
1 - Savy - First 4 point playoff game for a Bruin since Oates in 1901!

They meet again on Monday in Montreal for game #3.

Go Bruins Go!!!

* EDIT: Looch is suspended for 1 game. Probably will have Bitz put in on 4th line and Wheeler reunited with Krazy Krejci and Rydermania.


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