Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 Games To Zero; Series Over!

Last night The Boston Brooms (do you see what I did there?... I said Boston Brooms b/c brooms sounds like Bruins and and The Bruins swept The Habs last night and brooms are used for sweeping) finished off The Montreal Canadiens with style to win the series in 4 straight games.
The Bruins now advance to the 2nd round to play some other loser team when the rest of the series' finish.

Game hilites:

- Montreal comes out flying again and scores 1st goal.
- After the 1st half of the opening period the game looks like a Bruins practice once again.
- RYDER scores Bruins 1st goal!
- RYDER assists Bruins 2nd goal by Krejci.
- Kessel scores 3rd goal after exiting the penalty box.
- RYDER scores again! You have to be kidding me!!! I'm going nuts!!!!
- Habs fans mock cheer Price for making a save (losers!!)
- Price reacts to fans (good for him, lets them know they have no class)
- Fans start chanting Carbo, Carbo, Carbo... to piss off their own coach (he fired Carboneau).
- My girlfriend (who is from Bonavista and was born in the same hospital as Michael Ryder) starts to cry with joy when Ryder scores his second goal.
- Looch downs Komisarek with two puches.
- Komisarek gets even with a 5 minutes major by putting a stick to Looch's face.
- My girlfriend's 10 year old son gets as far a way from us as he can. When I go to find him he says we are scaring him with all the yelling, crying and screaming... I then expain playoff hockey to him.

3 Stars as picked by me:

3. The Montreal fans, again, for being classless losers and totally taking the life out of their team by the boos and tastless chants (thanks losers!)
2. David Krejci - The jam to Ryder's peanut butter!
1. Come on, do I really have to say it! No surprise here: Michael "F'N" Ryder!!!! - 2 goals and an assist on his old loser team that treated him (as they do everyone else) like shit last season.

The Bruins have a little time off before the next series starts; time to enjoy but also realize that this was not their goal! Beating The Canadiens is great but they were, in reality, just a stepping stone to what they really want: The Stanley Cup!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryder Mania is going wild!!

9:18 a.m., April 23, 2009  
Blogger jimbuff said...

Whacha gonna do when Michael Ryder runs wild over you!!!!!

5:08 p.m., April 23, 2009  
Anonymous Boston Maniac said...

Boston Brooms...ah, the wit.

This team has all the right pieces...

carry on.

2:29 a.m., April 24, 2009  

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