Friday, March 06, 2009

Rock Bottom!!!!

The Bruins lost to The Coyotes!!!??? WTF!!!

Officially hit rock bottom. What happened to The team that could beat everybody? Now I would be happy if they could just beat anybody. They lost 2-1 last night to The Coyotes; a "Mickey Mouse" organization if there ever was one.

They are playing without heart (the whole team). I could break down what players are doing wrong individually but the biggest problem right now is their lack of intensity for a whole game.

The only good thing about hitting this low and playing this bad is that it can not get worse. After losing to the Coyotes last night the only place to go is up - can not get any lower or play any worse than last night.

The Bruins play Chicago on Saturday afternoon. No prediction but if they play like they did last night it could be trouble for them. However if they use last night as a wakeup call and get their emotion back The Blackhawks could be in trouble. Hopefully last night's disaster has awoken The Bear!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least, Floppy didn't let in an 80 footer...

8:58 a.m., March 07, 2009  

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