Monday, September 11, 2006

"Be A Bruin"

A new NESN show will be aired this fall which was conceived by retired Bruins defenceman Brad Park. He brought the idea to the then president Harry Sinden, and Harry went for it. The show is similar to the popular Canadian show from 2004-05 called "Making the Cut", in which amateur and arm-chair athletes competed for a chance to attend an NHL training camp.

Park's show was meant for similar type players, with little or no professional experience. Well, that didn't happen...

Meet Billy Tibbetts, ex-Boston Jr. Bruins, ex-rapist, ex-ECHL, ex-convict,ex-AHL, ex NHL player. Wait a minute, did Billy go to jail! Yep that's right! After raping an under age girl he was given a conditional sentence, until he violated the terms of his parole by shooting a guy with a pellet gun. That incident put him in jail for 4 years. After returning (or before jail, I don't know), Billy became an alcoholic and further destroyed his hockey career.

In his defence the "rape" was a 15 year old girl performing oral sex on him when he was 17. The parole violation was the result of Billy defending his then girlfriend from a "stalker drug dealer". The drinking...I'm sure that was the result of his life sucking ass! So now Billy is cleaning up his life and career, he joined AA, found God, has a television job, and a free ticket to the BOSTON BRUINS TRAINING CAMP! Jerk. Isn't there supposed to be some kinda karma thing happening here?

Yeah so Billy and two other lucky bastards are going to camp. Dusty Demianiuk, a 6-2 defenceman from Franklin and Kevin Druce, a 22-year-old goalie with York University in Ontario. Billy will be attending the main camp while Druce and Demianiuk are currently attending the rookie camp.

I did some checking because the hockeydb site didn't have any college stats. In the 2004-05 season, Druce finished with a 4-5-4 record, a 2.79 GAA and .920 save percentage in 12 games, splitting goaltending duties. In the 2005-06 season Druce played in 23 games compiling a 10-12-1 record, 3.60 GAA and .906 Save percentage.



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