Thursday, September 28, 2006

Timmy Thomas and Stuff

Hopefully, the offence will step it up this weekend and give us a great end to the pre-season.

Yesterday, I brought up the Kalus situation, and today the Herald wrote a story on it. The reason Chiarelli has questioned the league is because of a grey area of the NHL - CHL agreement. Under the agreement all junior players (under 20 years of age) must be returned to their team unless they make the NHL team outright. Chiarelli though believes there is an issue because Kalus was under contract with his Czech team when he was drafted. The CHL believes otherwise.

Chiarelli is pretty confident that the NHL head office will side with him on this. "I think we'll be able to send him to
Providence. I should find out either late (last night) or (today)."

Since no one commented (big shock) on my Brookbank question I did some checking. It seems that Brookbank played defence last season, or at least part of it. In today's practice he put on a defenceman sweater because Jurcina and Chara are both hurting. Neither injury is serious, but it is possible Jurcina may miss some time. Jurcina sustained his injury during the 1st period of last night's game when he fell and split open his elbow.

But I seems he did well playing D today and this may be helpful in keeping him with the big club.

"I know that he can play both positions and watching him in practice he's very fluid," said Lewis. "He moves well and he looks in the right areas. I know he can play defense. It could be an option if Jurcina and Chara are not available on Saturday (in the preseason finale against the Rangers) we could throw him back there...Versatility is a great value to have."



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