Friday, March 13, 2009

Bruins Play Ottawa Tough

Last night I was very happy watching the game. Not just because The Bruins won but also because how they played. The Bruins played tough! Any Ottawa player around Timmy last night recieved at least a face wash. They were hitting hard to win pucks. Ryder, yes even Ryder had a couple of good hits, Bitz was a hitting machine, Chara and Wideman were dominate physical forces, P.J. threw a couple of beauty checks and Looch had a spirited bout with veteran tough guy Chris Neil (held his own quite well). This physicality opens up the ice for their skilled speedy players to take advantage of. The Bruins have a great balance of size and toughness to go along with their skill that when they beat opponents down early their skill will win it for them after.

The Bruins won 5-3 but actually outplayed The Sens by more; the score was not reflective of The Bruins dominance for most the game. The Bruins got up 3-0 early but then took their foot of the offense for a while. The Sens clawed back by capitalizing on a few chances and The Bruins were denied on a couple of great chances. I got a bit of a scare late but The Bruins played well in the last 7 minutes to take control of the play and ice it with an empty netter late. It was a well deserved win!

My only concern was when Ottawa made it 4-3 in the 3rd period; The Bruins seemed to lose their confidence for about a 5 minute stretch and were playing nervous. They looked fragile during this point in the game but Timmy played large until The Bruins got their swagger back late and took control of the play again.

Some great things in this game but still room for some improvement. All in all a good effort and I am happy with their play last night.

Up next is a beat down of The Islanders on Saturday!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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