Friday, January 25, 2008

Quick Hits Friday

- On Tuesday The Bruins lost to Montreal AGAIN!!! This was the 1,000,000,000,000th time in a row the habs bested our Bruins - they have got to break this mental barrier soon - I hate the Canadiens!

- Last night Lucic and company easily disposed of the Islanders 4-1.

- This is allstar weekend - does anybody actually care or watch this waste of time - the skills competition is even a bigger farce - the league should scrap the allstar game for good - nobody gives a damn about it!

- At the break: Bruins are in 7th place in the conference, Savard 2nd in league in assists (1 behind Thornton who plays in the weaker, less defensive conference), Timmy is #1 in the league in save percentage (arguably the best goalie in the NHL - Luongo a very close 2nd) and Chara has finally been playing like a top defenceman - putting up good offensive numbers and a monster on "D".

I hope everyone finds something usefull to do from now until Tuesday when hockey resumes.
You can check back here for a bit of reading on the Bruins as I have alot of posts in my head that I will be putting up - even my hockey blogging has to be better than the allstar game. I will post everyday from now until Tuesday.


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