Monday, January 21, 2008

Bruins Sweep Rangers/Bruins Playing As A Team

The Boston Bruins won both encounters against their original six rivals, The New York Rangers, this weekend. It was a much needed sweep because of the tight race for the playoffs. The sweep was especially gratifying for me because of how they accomplished it - with teamwork! The defence played great, forwards were very good (offensively and in getting back - defensively responsible), goaltending was greater than great and team toughness over the two days took its toll on the not so tough Rangers. Their work effort was amazing and everone seemed to be having fun and they really looked like they cared about winning. They cared!!! With Bergy, PJ, Alberts and Muzz out they could have folded but did the opposite and developed great team character and decided that they are going to win in spite of these injuries!

In Sunday's game Timmy got really upset about losing his shutout with 40 seconds left. It's too bad he never got it because of how well he played but when interveiwed after the game he knows that the team winning was more important. I hope Sturm bought him a big steak dinner after the game because he let his man sneak in to score the goal - easy to do with 40 seconds left in a 3-0 game but for all the times Timmy has bailed out team mistakes over the last few years you have to feel bad for him losing his shutout this way.

And what about Chara! Has this guy been going to hockey schools and camps on days off? This is not the same player lately that I watched last year and the first few games this season. Man did he ever improve - very deserving of his all-star start. I will be doing a post solely on Chara later this week.

Up next, The Montreal Canadiens (they don't even spell Canadians right - losers!). For the first time in two years I am actually confident going into a game against these bozos. Bruins will win this one!!!

Go Bruins Go!!!


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Hey, slow down! It's hard to keep up with all these (excellent) posts.

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