Saturday, December 01, 2007

Letter 2

Dear Boston Bruins Management team and coaching staff,

I have been watching the performance of your team on my locale hockey provider NESN and sometimes that other channel Vs. I enjoy watching these games when the team wins and sometimes when they lose too. I have not seen any commentary about how the Bruins hitting coach is faring. This lead me to believe that your team may not have a hitting coach. This conclusion has been cemented in my mind by the following stats: Phil Kessel 23 games, 2 hits. Peter Schaefer, "a wall guy", 23 games 11 hits. As a matter of fact of your everyday players only 4 are regularly dishing out more than a hit a game.

Well I am not a hockey hitting coach (yet), but I believe each and every hockey player should be able to deliver at least a hit or two a game. With this said let me offer my services. I will join your staff immediately as the hitting coach. Mr Kessel and I will start with two-a-days. We will review film of players turning when hits are there for the taking. We will perhaps have to start with pillow fights and move to wrestling to convince some that they can be physical and not be intimidated. We will play dodge ball, because if you can stare that little ball down from 15 feet, you can take and give an NHL hit while in full pads. So in closing I can start on Monday, references can be provided and look out NHL because I see a Phil Kessel barreling into a rink corner near you AND making contact (with the opposing team).

Best regards,


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